December update

The fall passed us by. Did we miss it? Not really. Downtown Ramblers are, as always, constantly moving forward, practicing, writing songs, playing gigs, except with a minor difference from before: With IBMA as bluegrass fuel the spirit of the band is higher then ever, and with such motivated members things are moving a little smoother then usual. In other words, Martin picks twice as many keys on the banjo, Kalle is bow chopping on the upright, Pär rammers the volume boost on his new LR Baggs Venue DI, Oskar is writing new songs sounding better then ever and Emelie finally picked up the guitar.
In the wake of IBMA Downtown Ramblers has figured in a couple of different media. A collection of these are:
A video interview at IBMA
Blog interview
A radio interview .

Finally we’d like to thank our friends at The Bluegrass Legacy for helping us along the way!

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